How to Create a Heart Wax Seal with Purple Crystal Stones

How to Create a Heart Wax Seal with Purple Crystal Stones

Wax seals are a beautiful and unique way to add a touch of elegance and creativity to invitations, letters, or gifts. Have you seen any wax seals with crystal stones? Today I will guide you how to use purple crystal stones and pearly white sealing wax to create stunning wax seals that stand out.

First, we need to get the materials ready.

Purple Crystal Little Stones: They are used to decorate the wax seal to get a luxurious effect.
Sealing wax: Pick the sealing wax color from SealingWaxStamp Store, there are 48 colors available. This time we still choose pearly white sealing wax.
Wax melting spoon and furnace: To melt the sealing wax.
Wax seal stamp: The stamp head engraved a heart and the handle is made of wood.
Coloring stick: it’s more easy to color the wax seal than mark pen.
Gold paint: to make the heart more shine and attractive.

Create wax seals following below steps, it’s easy for you to make perfect unique seal.
Step 1 : Place the purple crystal little stones in a circle. Make sure the circle is large enough to hold a wax seal.
Step 2 : Put the pearly white sealing wax into the melting spoon and heat it over the wax furnace.
Step 3 : Pour the melted wax into the center of the crystal stone circle, to form a round wax seal.
Step 4 : Press the heart wax seal stamp into the center of the wax pool. Keep the stamp stay on the wax seal.
Step 5 : Use your fingers to gently push the purple crystal stone closer to the edge of the wax seal circle.
Step 6 : Lift the wax seal stamp.
Step 7 : Use the coloring stick to apply gold paint to the heart of wax seal. This adds a touch of luxury and makes the heart stand out beautifully against the white wax and purple crystal little stones.


  • Pour the wax slowly to control the shape and size of the wax pool.
  • Make sure the purple crystal stones connect to the edges of wax seal.

Now we have learned how to create stunning crystal stones wax seals, and we can add it to any project, such as wedding invitations, special letters, or gifts, making them memorable and special. Enjoy the process and let your creativity shine!

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