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Wax Seal, Sealing Wax and Wax Stamp

Sealing Wax is a melting wax material for Wax Seal. It comes in rich colors and is easy to use and operate. Wax Stamp, also called Wax Seal Stamp, is a tool that helps creating wax seals. Wax Seal is a seal, made of sealing wax by wax stamp, that seals correspondence and important documents. In the past, wax seal was used for confidentiality and to help identify micro-chapter. Nowadays, crafting with wax seals has become a kind of retro fashion, used widely in correspondence, wedding invitations, business Invitation cards, gifts for friends, product packaging, etc. How to make wax seals? Melt the sealing wax, drip enough wax on your preferred surface, use your wax stamp, and hold for 2-3 seconds to create a perfect wax seal. Sealing wax, wax stamp and wax seal, working together to make things more fun and more sense! They are the best choice for handmade lover!

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