How to custom wax seal stamp to create lily seals

How to custom wax seal stamp to create lily seals

If you enjoy making wax seals, you might collect lot of wax seal stamps. But there is one special wax seals design we’d like to share with you today, that’s lily flower.

Lily Flower is beautiful and it symbolizes purity, elegance, and nobility, as well as representing ideals of beautiful love. For wedding, it means the blessing for the bride and groom to be together forever.

How to custom lily wax seal stamp?

First, you can draw single lily or lily bouquet, and send the design file to SealingWaxStamp online store to check. After the design is confirmed to make, you can purchase the custom option. And you can also pick the available lily wax seal stamp from SealingWaxStamp.

How to make lily wax seal stamp?

Wax Seal Stamp with lily design is made of brass head with wooden handle.
Stamp Head: brass-carved Lily Flowers
The head of the seal is crafted three blooming lily flowers. These lilies are vividly engraved, it seems that a fragrant aroma can be smelled.
Handle: Removable Wooden Design
The Stamp handle is made of high-quality wood with a comfortable grip. And they can be installed with different styles of stamp heads according to personal preferences and needs.

How to Make a Lily Flower Wax Seal

Making a Lily Flower wax seal is a creative and enjoyable work. Here are detailed steps and tips to help you create a beautiful Lily Flower wax seal:
Materials Needed:

  • Wax seal stamp
  • Wax seal spoon
  • Candle and stove
  • Sealing wax
  • Envelopes

Steps to Make:

1.Select wax colors according to your preferences. You can use a single color or mix multiple colors for a gradient effect.
2.Place the wax seal spoon over a candle flame to heat the spoon evenly.
3. Place the sealing wax into the spoon and heat until completely melted, gently swirling the spoon to ensure even melting.
4.Pour the melted wax onto the seal area of the envelope, forming a circle about 2-3 cm in diameter.
5.Before the wax completely cools, quickly and gently press the Lily Flower seal into the wax. Hold it for a few seconds, then slowly lift the wax seal stamp.

Be cautious while handling the wax seal spoon and melted wax to prevent burns.
Ensure good ventilation during the crafting process to avoid inhaling wax fumes.

Crafting a Lily Flower wax seal allows you to enjoy the happiness of sealing letters, gifts, wedding invitation and thank you cards, adding a touch of unique beauty and elegance to them. Let’s get started.

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