how to use tulip wax seal stamp to seal the envelope

How to Use a Wax Seal Stamp to Make Tulip Wax Seals

Make your letters look more beautiful and attractive, an easy way is to use wax seal stamp to seal it. How to use wax seal stamp to create beautiful wax seals? I will guide you as follows:

First, let's prepare the tools.

A wax seal stamp engraved with tulip flowers, I like tulip so much, that's why I chose it, you can pick one favorite design from an online store like SealingWaxStamp. And if you are going to seal wedding invitations, you can custom your own design or initials.

Some sealing wax sticks or sealing wax beads, I picked the burgundy red sealing wax stick, but you can choose other colors, there are 48 colors sealing wax in SealingWaxStamp store, you can get one to match your craft theme.

A melting spoon, furnace, lighter or matches

Then, let's start to make it:
Melt the sealing wax, pour it on the envelope seal, hold the tulip wax seal stamp on it, gently lift the stamp

Now, a beautiful tulip wax seal sealed on the envelope. Imaging that when you received such a letter with an unique touch, are you happy?

Creating a wax seal on the letter is a fun job, are you ready to enjoy it?

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