How to Use Wax Seal Stamp to Make Envelope Wax Seals

How to Use Wax Seal Stamp to Make Envelope Wax Seals

Do you like envelope design? Imaging that if a wax seal stamp engraving such design, will you like it? Today, I will introduce a special envelope wax seal stamp design to you. The stamp engraved a small heart, opening envelope and three pretty flowers, making it really lovely.

Envelopes carry our feelings and thoughts when we send letters. It’s very import, it can help to tell our friends or family that we are happy or sad.

Hearts stand for love and feelings, the truest way to express ourselves. In this envelope design, the heart is right in the middle, like it's telling the deep feelings and love. Whether you send or receive a letter with this heart-shaped envelope, it can make you feel warm and sincere.

Now, let's look at the three beautiful flowers. Flowers show the beauty of life and hope. In this envelope design, three flowers are showing life's beauty, hope, and happiness. These flowers make the pattern more lively and make us feel the beauty and hope in life.

How to use envelope wax seal stamp to make wax wax seals? I will guide you as following:

First, prepare some things like sealing wax sticks, wax seal stamp, and a wax seal handle, a glue gun.

Then, use a glue gun to heat the sealing wax sticks. Dripped the melted wax on the envelope, press the wax seal stamp onto the envelope, give it a little pressure, and wait for the wax to cool. Take off the wax seal stamp. Now you have a clear pattern on the letter, adding a special touch.

By making wax seals, we make letters more personal and remind us how important it is to send and receive letters. This envelope design's wax seal isn't just a stamp , it’s spreading love and beauty wherever it goes.

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