How to Use Wax Seal Stamp to Make Fern Wax Seals

How to Use Wax Seal Stamp to Make Fern Wax Seals

In everyone's life, there are always some scenic moments that are unforgettable. Imagine you are in a beautiful valley, and there are lot of ferns. Their lush green leaves unfurling in the sunlight, how beautiful they are. Don’t you want to save this beauty forever? A wax seal can help you do just that, saving and sharing this elegance with your loved ones. Today, I’ll introduce you to a special wax seal design featuring ferns, and guide you through the process of making your own wax seal.

How to design an Oval Fern Wax Seal Stamp?

Start by drawing a fern leaf. Surround the leaf with a string of small beads forming an oval. These beads look like a string of pearls, embracing the fern and adding elegance. The beads’ shine makes the fern stand out.

Around the beaded oval, add a chain-like border. This chain design adds complexity and beauty and symbolizes connection.

How to Making a Fern Wax Seal Stamp?

Prepare an oval brass wax stamp head with a removable wooden handle, wooden handle in various colors are available in SealingWaxStamp store, just pick the color as you like.

Use laser machine to engrave the fern, beads, and chain.

How to use Fern Wax Seal Stamp to make wax seals?

Before making, we have to prepare the materials as following:
Wax Seal Stamp with wooden handle
Antique Bronze Sealing Wax Beads
Wax furnace and candle
Wax spoon

Now let’s start to make it.

Use a wax furnace and candle to heat the wax spoon with the antique bronze sealing wax beads. Carefully pour the melted wax onto the envelope. Then remove the stamp.

How to use Fern Wax Seals?

When you are sending a special letter to friends or family? You can use fern wax seal to close the envelope, adding a touch of elegance.

And you can create fern wax seals on wedding invitations or birthday cards, make them stand out.

What’s more, you can seal wax on the gift packaging, and stamp fern pattern onto the wax.

You can also seal the signing important documents with fern wax stamp.

Why Choose This Fern Wax Seal Stamp?

The oval brass head looks great and offers more space for detailed designs.
Ferns symbolize life and nature's beauty. Each leaf seems to tell a story of your love for nature.

The beads and chain borders symbolize the perfect blend of softness and strength.

The wooden handle and brass head are removable, making the wax seal easier to clean and store. You can also switch to different stamp heads.

The fern wax seal stamp is not just a tool, it save the moment of beauty of nature. Whether you’re sealing letters, invitations, gifts, or important documents, this wax seal allows you to experience timeless elegance.

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