The Witch's Potion Pot Wax Seal: Adding a Touch of Magic to Halloween

The Witch's Potion Pot Wax Seal: Adding a Touch of Magic to Halloween

Wax seal stamp is not just a tool for sealing letters but also a tool for passing love. As Halloween 2024 is not far away, I'm excited to share a custom wax seal stamp-Witch's Potion Pot. This unique wax stamp is filled with mystery and charm, perfect for Halloween.

Inspiration Behind the Design
Halloween is a holiday of magic and mystery, filled with symbols like witches, jack-o'-lanterns, ghosts, and black cats. Inspired by this enchanting holiday, I created a wax seal that features a witch's potion pot with magical herbs.

Design Details
The Witch's Potion Wax Seal Stamp is crafted with attention to detail, combining two main elements: the witch's potion pot and the herbs bubbling within it.

The Pot:
1.Shape: it’s like a teapot, but the top is without lid, as the herbs is coming into the pot.
2.Details: Engravings of runes on the pot add an extra layer of mystery and to the design.

The Herbs:

  1. Plants: Half of the Rosemary herbs are submerged in the pot, while the other half spill out.
  2. Details: Each leaf and stem is carefully engraved.

Sealing Wax Color: I chose burgundy red wax, it makes the wax seal more mysterious.

How to make wax seal stamp?
First, drawing the pot and herbs, making sure each detail was perfectly placed.
Second, Using laser engraving machine to engrave the details, paying special attention to the runes and leaves.
Third, attached the wax stamp head to a handle. I chose a wooden handle, as I like vintage style.
Fourth, melted the wax and dripped it onto envelopes or paper. Pressing the seal into the warm wax, waited for it to cool. The result was a beautiful, detailed wax seal.

Perfect for Halloween

  • Halloween Party Invitations: Seal your invitations with this wax seal to give your guests a sense of mystery.
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping: Add a special touch to Halloween gifts by sealing them with this unique wax seal.
  • Decoration: When you are sending out card or letters, you can using this wax seal stamp to decorate, make them stand out.

Halloween wax seal stamp is the best gift for yourself, friends, why not try making your own wax seal and add a touch of mystery and charm to your Halloween?

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