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Custom Fresh Egg Carton Stamp

Custom Fresh Egg Carton Stamp

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Egg Carton Stamp, custom with your farm name or coop name or cute pattern, helps you sell eggs quickly and get return customers.

This rubber stamp is a great gift to someone who sells eggs or has chickens, they can personalize own logo on the egg cartons.


Quantity: 1 Piece Rubber Stamp with Black Wooden Handle

Size: 11 option for you to choose
- Please choose the length of the longest side you'd like for your stamp
- We'll make it in proportion
- 5 x 5cm or less
- 6 x 6cm or less
- 8 x 8cm or less
- 10 x 10cm or less
- 12 x 12cm or less
- 15 x 15cm or less
- 20 x 20cm or less
- Extra Large Size Available

1. For 30 x 50mm --> 50mm is the longest side --> Please order "6 x 6cm or less"
2. For 60 x 80mm --> 80mm is the longest side --> Please order "8 x 8cm or less"

- Black and White Line Art
- 6X6" Printable file (300dpi Minimum size)
- No shadings or color
- No 3-dimensional art
- File format: .ai, .eps, .pdf preferred or jpeg. No Word files please.

▶▶▶ Custom Order : please send your design via Email (

More inform please visit “Shop Policies”.

Custom Egg Carton Stamps: Brand Your Eggs Beautifully

Enhance your egg presentation with our custom egg carton stamps. Perfect for farmers and home producers, these stamps allow for a personalized touch, making your egg cartons stand out while showcasing your farm's identity.

Egg Carton Stamps; The Ideal Choice, for Your Farm and Business

When it comes to agriculture and food production marking your products with a touch is essential. At SealingWaxStamp we excel in creating top notch egg carton stamps that cater to both farmers and homesteaders. Our commitment to professionalism, authority and reliability ensures that our egg carton stamps are tools for showcasing your products with pride. Lets delve into the features, uses and benefits of our egg carton stamps.

Comprehensive Product Overview

Product Features:

Our egg carton stamps are carefully made from high quality rubber or wood guaranteeing an durable tool for labeling your egg cartons. Available in sizes with a variety of design choices these stamps are intricately engraved to leave an enduring mark on the cartons. Each stamp is designed for ease of use delivering an polished look to every egg carton it labels.

Customization Options:

Recognizing that every farm and business has requirements we provide extensive customization options, for our egg carton stamps.

Customers have the option to select from a variety of fonts, designs and sizes or even upload their custom design to make a stamp. We also showcase examples of personalized designs to spark creativity and highlight the versatility of our stamps.

How To Guides and Demonstrations

Step, by Step Instructions:

Utilizing our egg carton stamps is simple and effective. Just press the stamp onto the egg carton creating an impression that's both visually appealing and informative. We offer guidance and visual aids like photos or videos to assist you in achieving results effortlessly.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

Maintaining the quality and performance of your egg carton stamps requires care. After each use clean the stamp with water and mild soap to eliminate any residue. Ensure thorough drying before storing the stamp to keep it in condition, for use.

Benefits and Applications

Key Features:

Our egg carton stamps come with benefits, including durability, precision and flexibility. They are crafted for precise marking of egg cartons enhancing the look and uniqueness of your products.

For both farms and large businesses our stamps can be used in ways.

Potential Uses:

Egg carton stamps offer a range of possibilities from customizing your farms egg packaging, to branding items for selling at markets. They not enhance the appeal of your egg cartons but also boost the market value of your products. By utilizing our egg carton stamps you can give a flair to your packaging setting your products apart in a market.

At SealingWaxStamp we are dedicated to delivering top quality egg carton stamps that blend practicality with personalization. Our focus on excellence, accuracy and user satisfaction ensures that your eggs are marked with a stamp of excellence. Browse through our assortment of egg carton stamps to infuse an polished touch into your packaging.

Keep in mind that an egg carton stamp from SealingWaxStamp is more than a tool, for marking; it symbolizes your dedication to quality and originality in the farming and food production realm.

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