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Custom Branding iron, Signature Branding iron, Wood branding iron, Brand Iron for Wood, Leather branding iron for gift, Food Branding Iron

Custom Branding iron, Signature Branding iron, Wood branding iron, Brand Iron for Wood, Leather branding iron for gift, Food Branding Iron

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Branding iron is a great tool for leaving your signature mark on a variety of materials, from wood and leather to food. 

You can now easily burn your own image, logo or your house sigil on your Wood / Leather / Food products. Works on wood / cardboard / stock paper / leather etc. It's very easy to use and takes only a few minutes to heat up the stamp by open fire (gas stove / blow torch).

▶▶▶ High Temperature Notice ▶▶▶
This product will be relatively the high temperature when working, please using be careful, and keep away from children. Also srongly suggest the need for professionals to use. Or to take a try about cold-press if you're fresh users.

a) Quantity: please choose our "ORDER OPTION" on Right Corner
♥♥♥ Small Stamp Size: Size of design up to 10cm square in area. e.g. 5cm x 2cm or 3cmx 3cm.
♥♥♥ Medium Stamp Size: Size of design over 10cm square and smaller than 30cm square in area. e.g. 3cm x 10cm or 5cmx 6cm.
♥♥♥ Large Stamp Size: Size of design over 30cm square and smaller than 50cm square in area. e.g. 5cm x 10cm or 7cmx 7cm.
♥♥♥ Extra Large Stamp Size: Size of design over 50cm square and smaller than 75cm square in area. e.g. 7.5cm x 10cm or 8cmx 9cm.
c) Material: Brass stamp
d) Stamp thickness: 6mm - 8mm
e) Depth to engrave: 2.5mm - 3.5mm
f) Wooden Handle: 25cm Long 

▶▶▶ You can do the followings with the Stamps:
- hot press;
- cold press;
- leather stamping;
- wood hot-stamping;

Custom Leather Stamp ship in 3-5 business days from date of receiving artwork or proof approval, whichever is later.

All Leather Stamp ship via Register Airmail and take at least 2 - 4 weeks to delivery from HongKong. If you need urgent, please convo us, and choose Express Post, shipping date is 7-10 days start from $22.5 (0.5KG).

- Send us the design in vector format e.g. .ai / .eps / .pdf or high resolution .jpg / .tif / .psd, to our mailbox (
- Let us know what logo size you would like to make. Our basic charge is USD$29.80 for area under 10cm square in area. e.g. 5cm x 2cm or 3cmx 3cm. Price for larger stamps to be discussed.(Price is based on image size and complexity)
- We will confirm the draft and the size of stamp before producing

- Heat the stamp with flame gun, gas stove, charcoal grill or fireplace or it may be heated with a torch
- Stamp on wood or leather surface (You may need to try on a few times in order to get the right time and right material, smooth surface will be recommended)

Wood Branding Iron Stamp: Custom Branding Tool for Wood

Achieve precise, personalized marks on wood with our wood branding iron stamp. Ideal for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts, this branding tool for wood offers unmatched quality and durability for all your projects.

Enhancing Craftsmanship: The Superior Branding Stamp, Wood Branding Iron Stamp, and Branding Tool for Wood

The art of branding, in woodworking brings a touch of authenticity and craftsmanship to every piece. At SealingWaxStamp we specialize in notch stamps and wood branding iron stamps tailored for both professional woodworkers and hobbyists. Our tools are crafted to make a lasting mark that reflects the skill and creativity of the maker. Lets delve into the features, uses and advantages of our branding stamps.

In depth Product Description

Key Features:

Our branding stamps are meticulously made from premium steel or copper ensuring a tool for your woodworking endeavors. With various sizes and design options available these stamps are precision engraved to create an impression, on wood surfaces. For example our steel branding iron stamps are known for their durability and the clear mark they leave on timber.

Customization Choices:

At the heart of our stamp collection is customization. Customers can personalize their irons by choosing from fonts, patterns, sizes or even by uploading their own design for a truly distinctive branding experience.

We present a collection of designs and samples to spark creativity and highlight the potential of our stamps.

Usage Instructions and Demonstrations

Steps, for Use:

Utilizing our stamps is a process. Heat the iron to the temperature then gently press it onto the wooden surface to imprint your design. We provide to follow guidelines and visual aids like photos or videos for comprehension and application.

Care and Cleaning:

Proper maintenance guarantees the durability and efficiency of your branding tools. After each use clean the iron with a steel brush to eliminate any residue and store it in an area once cooled down to maintain its quality.

Product Benefits and Applications

Benefits of the Product:

Our branding stamps offer a blend of strength, accuracy and versatility. They are crafted to mark wood precisely elevating the professionalism and personal touch in your woodworking projects. Whether for crafts or large furniture pieces our branding irons are well suited for the job.

Usage Scenarios:

Branding stamps find uses, in woodworking, furniture construction and artisanal crafting. They enhance the appeal and market value of your creations.

By adding a custom branding seal, to your creations you can give them a flair that helps them stand out in the market.

At SealingWaxStamp we are committed to offering top notch branding seals and wooden branding irons that seamlessly blend practicality with personalization. Our focus on quality, accuracy and user friendly design ensures that your branding endeavors are both effective and efficient. Browse through our array of wood branding tools to infuse an polished touch into your woodworking projects.

Remember, a branding seal from SealingWaxStamp is more than an instrument; it embodies your craftsmanship. Reflects your commitment to excellence, in wood branding.

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