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Snail Brass Handle for Wax Seal Stamp

Snail Brass Handle for Wax Seal Stamp

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Elevate your wax sealing projects with the Snail Brass Handle for Wax Seal Stamp! This essential tool adds an elegant and personal touch to your letters and documents, leaving a lasting impression with every seal. Get ready to be inspired and create beautifully sealed messages with this high-quality handle.


  • Quantity: 1 Piece Snail Brass Handle with or without Stamp
  • Size: approx. 6.5cm tall

How to order snail brass handle with snail stamp?

If you already have a wax seal stamp but want to upgrade the handle, our snail handle option is for you. Or, if you want a complete snail-themed stamp set with a matching snail handle, our stamp with handle option is perfect.



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